First Date Tips: How To Kiss A Girl

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This video will teach you how to make the first kiss unforgettable for the woman you like.

The first kiss is never discussed but guys just happen to deal with it on every single date.

Here’s the thing:

MOST women are very judgmental about the first kiss:

A BAD first kiss might ruin everything that comes after,

While a GOOD first kiss could confirm to her that you are the right guy. And… if you kiss her well, she’s gonna feel even MORE attracted to you.

Now, the ONE mistake 9 out of 10 guys make

Is that they think the first kiss is about TECHNIQUE.

BUT THE TRUTH IS: the first kiss has almost NOTHING to do with technique.

…Maybe LIKE 5-7% of the kiss IS technique, but the other 93%

that makes the first kiss magnetic, memorable and arousing

And, if you know how to arouse that tension and you know how to play with it…

Most of the time — SHE will be the one making the first move.

Now, let’s watch a movie scene with Tom Cruise to show you what I am talking about:

Now, in this scene, the sexual tension is already THERE… but for you,

Step 1. You create Sexual Tension:

BTW… I’ll tell you the three ways to create sexual tension at the end of this video.

But after you create that tension …

Step 2. You want her to feel it.

So hold the eye-contact as you’re talking to her…

And slow everything down…

Movements… voice…

It’s like you’re trying to create a slow motion of the moment.


When you slow everything down, she feels that TENSION…

Deepen your voice and speak slower….

She might be looking at you in the eyes, she might glance at your lips…

That means she wants to be kissed.

Now, instead of going straight for a kiss the moment you see she’s ready… take your time.

Because if you kiss her immediately, you’re doing what all the other guys are doing…

You’re skipping the MOST IMPORTANT PART and focusing on the technique instead.

But without tension, you could be the best kisser ever, but the kiss is still going to be blah… average

So, even when you see she wants to be kissed,

Hold it there for another second and

Step 3. When the Sexual Tension becomes too much for her… at the tipping point you will slightly lean forward and SHE will be the one to go for a kiss.

Now, even if she doesn’t and you kiss her, the fact that you waited that extra second or two to kiss her makes the whole moment much more exciting for her.

Now, I picked this video without the actual kiss because of YouTube Underage Policy, but

The eye contact is here.

The tension is here.

And, for the actual kiss: you wanna

Soften your lips and be kind of gentle…

Limit the tongue. And…

Model her kissing, because if she’s biting your lip while kissing, she probably wants you to do the same.

But, apart from the standard kissing advice, here’s what no other dating coach will tell you:

Always be the one to pull out of the kiss first.

Because that way you are keeping the power, you control the situation.


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