How to Kiss a Girl During the Movies for Middle School Guys?

How to Kiss a Girl During the Movies for Middle School Guys?

Though kissing at the movies may not be the most romantic thing in the world, when you’re a guy in middle school, sometimes the movie theatre can be your best chance to steal a kiss. But if you want to kiss a girl during the movies, you have to be slick about it. If you want to know how to kiss a girl during the movies in middle school without coming on too strong, then watch this video to be on your way to lights, camera, action.
Make sure you’re both ready. Though many people share their first kiss in middle school, many people are also not ready to kiss when they’re at this young age. If you’re still in middle school, you have to make sure that you’re ready and that the girl you’re with is also ready to kiss you. If you’ve started dating and she’s hinted that she wants to kiss you or has responded well to your affection, then you’re on the right track, but you should try to be as sure as you can before you make a move.
Pick the right movie. You should pick a movie that is suitable for kissing. Pick a romantic movie or something lighthearted, so she wouldn’t feel weird about kissing you in the middle of the movie. Just make sure you don’t pick something that she’s been dying to see or she’ll be too interested in the movie to take a kissing break. You should also try to pick a movie that won’t be too crowded pick something that’s been out for at least a month, so the theatre won’t be packed. If you’re surrounded by families or other kids, it’ll be harder to make a move.

Make sure you look nice. Shower before you go. Brush your teeth well. Use deodorant and dress nicely. You can also carry mints for later. You don’t have to dress to the nines, but let the girl see that you’ve made an effort to go on a date with her. She’ll appreciate that you made the effort and will be more likely to respond favorably. If you dress to see her like you dress for school, then she won’t feel very special.
Minimize the concessions. Though you can get some popcorn if that’s what you both really want, remember that this will make it a little harder to make a move. You’ll be less likely to steal a kiss if your fingers are covered in nacho cheese or popcorn butter. If she wants popcorn, of course, then you should order it without being cagey, but if she says she doesn’t care, then you can skip out on the treats and focus on the main attraction.
Find a private seat. Though the movie theatre is a public place, you should try to find somewhere to sit where you won’t be surrounded by too many people. Though it’s hard to get true privacy in the movies, you should do the best you can to sit away from large or noisy groups of people. Try to get a seat on one of the sides of the theatre, near the wall, so that you are less likely to disturb people if you try to steal a kiss.
Put your arm around her slowly. Just be relaxed and confident. You don’t have to do the corny thing where you pretend to yawn and then spread your arm over her shoulder. Just be cool about it. You can be bold and drape your arm around the seat before she sits down, or ease into it after the movie starts. You don’t want to assume too much and make the girl uncomfortable by making a move too soon. Feel her out. If she responds well to your touch and affection in general and you’ve put your arm around her before, then doing so at the movies won’t be a big deal.
Get closer. As the movie progresses, you should lean in closer to the girl. Do this slowly when the time is right, or during a scary or romantic scene in the movie. After you put your arm around her, move closer to her so that your heads are almost touching. You can stroke her upper arm with the arm that is draped around her, or you can put a hand on her knee. Just find a way to make her feel comfortable and closer to you.


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