Top 5 Tips For Kissing With Braces

In this video I give the Top 5 Tips For Kissing With Braces.

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Number 1: Dental Hygiene is important to avoid embarrassment and is good for your health.
Number 2: Be Comfortable and this is important to maintain composure along with making sure both you and your partner are in a good state of mind
Number 3: Avoid Danger Foods because the last thing you want is your breath to smell bad or something to be stuck in your braces
Number 4: Take It Slow this will make things much easier and comfortable if you both decide to change pace along with building confidence
Number 5: Have Fun and this is important because this makes sure you and your partner are having a good time and this is probably the most important

Thanks for joining me on my journey and I will see you in the next video.

Camera used: Sony a5000
Interdental Brush:
Braces Wax:
Braces MouthWash:

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